Captain Lace Allenius Can Boost Your Business


Is your fishing charter, dolphin tour, or sunset cruise looking for a boost? You are part of an awesome industry, but sometimes, it can pay to standout. Of course, standing out is usually easier said than done, and you may need to get creative. Have you ever thought about bringing in a Floor/Guest Captain to add a little excitement to your excursion? Captain Lace Allenius is ready to help your business take the next step.

Has your tour gotten a little routine? Lace has her Captain’s License through the U.S.C.G., writes for many fishing publications, and has a ton of fishing stories that will blow your guests away. One good experience can keep your customers coming back, and be a great way to establish a regular client base. Even if Lace can’t be there for every trip, her presence is bound to pay off for your company. Head over to her website and inquire about using her services.

There is never a bad time to try to earn a little extra business. The best companies are the ones that go above and beyond to try to win over their customers. When you see the sparkle in your clients’ eyes, while they talk to Lace, you will know you made the right decision. Plus, advertising on her website can certainly earn you some additional business, as well. ContactCaptain Lace Allenius, today, and see how to get things started.

For more information visit

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