cropped-cropped-cropped-dsc_0172.jpgWhile you’re stuck at the office, there are probably many thoughts going through your head. Of course, you most likely can’t wait for the weekend. But, do you actually have anything exciting planned? Sometimes, a little adventure can be just what you need to break out of the work place doldrums. When you book a fishing charter, things instantly look up. There are many great options out there, including Urban Fly Guides, Reel Adventures, Chase N Dreams Yacht Charters, and The Plantation on Crystal River. Each of these charters allows you to request Captain Lace Allenius to be your Guest/Floor Captain.

Lace would be thrilled to come along with you for the day, and to share some of her incredible fishing tales. She has a ton of experience in the industry, and some of her adventures would blow you away. Just make sure you request her services in advance, so she can make the time to join your trip. Contact Captain Lace Allenius, today, and book your charter.

For more information visit or call (727) 729-0006.