Eric and Lace Mahi

There are plenty of opportunities to let your love of fishing and the outdoors come together. You and your friends can hit the high seas for a chartered adventure. But, if competition is more your speed, you can check out the numerous fishing competitions that are held around the country. Captain Lace Allenius enjoys both of these options, and would love to join you as a guest captain. When you’re booking your charter or event, make sure to indicate that you’d like to try to have Lace appear and enjoy the day with you.

You can almost always find something going on in the fishing world. If you are looking for a fishing tournament, you can attend The Boyscout Tournament/On The Edge Magazine, Bisbee’s Tournaments/Marlin World Magazine, and more. You may find a great opportunity to show off your fishing skills, and you may even spot Lace there, too. Don’t sit around and wish you had made the effort to check out one of these incredible events. You may be surprised how easy it is to plan out your fishing adventure.

Captain Lace Allenius is available for many types of inquiries. So, if you would like to have her aboard your charter, event, or even have a charity question, you’ll want to contact her. Sometimes, the most disappointing moments are the ones that we don’t pursue. Instead of wondering about how much fun your fishing adventure could be, take the next step and start to plan it out. ContactFishing Adventures With Lace, today, and ask any questions you may have.

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